DIY Water Filtering Bowl

water-jet-482504_1920I have a picky dog. I blogged about how it was tough picking dog food for him because he just doesn’t eat anything. Well, he is also picky when it comes to water. He doesn’t like plain tap water, he doesn’t like all bottled water, but he will drink filtered water. Since we filter our drinking water it is not that bothersome to get his water from our already filtered supply, but he does drink up a lot of our water. Therefore, I was looking to buying a dog bowl that filters water constantly, and found out those gadgets are pretty expesive we are talking $20-75. I even saw one for $3,000, but it was a drinking fountain for dog and human like you might see in the park, no thanks! The $20 bowl didn’t seem too unreasonable, but the reviews were terrible, stating it was hard to keep clean and sometimes would stop working. And even some of the more expensive bowls didn’t have raving reviews. So I set out to find an affordable option when I came upon a DIY version. Oooo my heart leapt with joy, “really I can do this myself for cheap?” It is true this DIY version which I have yet to try, but plan to do so very soon, looks very simple. A fish tank filter and a bowl. Yes, friends that is all two small pieces of equipment some objects for shims and you are in business. There are several version of this DIY including one with a garbage can full of water for very large/muliple dog homes. Our little guy is under 20 pounds, a small bowl is fine for him. I plan to buy the filter at Wal*Mart and I already have the bowl on hand.

Here is the link to the instructions:

Have a great weekend!