Our Tail…


I have been a dog lover from birth I think. Growing up my family had many dogs, but since my dad is hunter we mostly had beagles. Then when I was 16 I found a litter of puppies that were abandoned, my parents didn’t allow me to keep the whole litter, however I was allowed to keep one. Her name was Bethany, she was a beautiful cocker spaniel mix. The most beautiful ruby coat I have ever seen. She grew up and passed away at the ripe old age of 15. In the meantime I raised two Dobermans, Major and General (Gena for short) who I loved very much. Now, I have a beautiful Cavalier King Charles,  Chinna Naayae (which translates to “small dog” in Tamil) he is my second love; right after my husband of course.

My wonderful husband bought me a puppy as a distraction. I decided to take it a step further and share about our adventures together. My desire is to make this blog informational as well as entertaining I hope you will join us on our journey!



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